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Welcome online to Heide and its surroundings

We wish to introduce you to the capital of Dithmarschen an the landscape near the North-Sea and want to inform you about actualities and events. If you click the menue-point "Tourist-Information" you can reserve your holiday room, appartment or house without any complications.

So take an online-walk in Heide and its surroundings...

A look on Heide
The earliest documentary evidence of the existence of the town Heide dates from the year 1434, in which the place is refered as „Uppe de Heyde", which means „on the heath". As early as 1447, Heide had, mainly because of its enormous market-square, become the meeting place of the aldermen of the county Dithmarschen. In the middle-ages Heide became the economic centre of Dithmarschen. Since more than 500 years the traditional weekly market on every saturday is a meeting-point for people from all over Dithmarschen. Here on the market square are held the main festivities and celebrations in the town, for example the historical festival "Heider Marktfrieden", the christmas market or the "Heider Sommer", a series of events in the summertime.

To take a walk in Heide
We start in the middle of the market-square; with an areal of 4,7 hectar, still the largest of Germany. The church St.-Jürgen at the edge of the market-square is worth a visit. The unique collection of the museum of prehistory provides interesting insights of the way of life of the first inhabitants of Dithmarschen. An exhibition of the town-history of Heide is also situated in the same building. In "Lüttenheid" (Little Heide) you will find the house in which the german dialect-writer Klaus Groth was born. Only e few doors away, the former house of the family of Johannes Brahms reminds on Heides connections with this classic german composer. The town-centre invites you to go shopping, to taste german or foreign food or to find out, how typical german "Gemütlichkeit" feels like. After a busy shopping expedition you can relax in one of the street cafés, drinking a pot freshly brewed coffee or one of the famous german beers.

Festival: Heider Marktfrieden
A further arttraction is the middle-age festival "Heider Marktfrieden", which is situated on the large market-square of Heide. Everybody can join the festival. The wheel of history rolls back, into the 16.th century. You can hear the sound of historical instuments, there´s a market where horses, ducks and other animals are getting sold and you can taste traditional meals on the historical market. The head-attractions of the festival are:
  • the middle-age market, with historical sights, musicans, childrens-activities and much more
  • the original marriage in historical costumes, which is held in the traditional north-german dialect.
  • the open-air theatre on a stage, at the place, where in the 16.th century the aldermen of the county Dithmarschen met.
  • the folk-musik-evening, with german and international musicans and bands.

The festival, which starts every two years at the first weekend of July, takes three days. The next festival-date is July, 7. - 9.th., 2000.

Landscape and the surroundings of Heide
Everywhere you go, you will have e look on the remarkeble blue sky. Only e few minutes drive out of Heide is bracing sea-air. Everthing´s flat in this area. Sometimes you´ll find a small town, like Wöhrden, Tellingstedt, Weddingstedt, Nordhastedt or Hennstedt. You can walk along the dyke, bathe in the refreshing North Sea water or simply laze in the sun. If you go out the countryside, you may be lucky and see typical north-german sports: "Boßeln", where teams throw a small lead-filled wooden ball as far as they can, or "Ringreiten", where horsemen attempt to pick up a small ring with a lance at full gallop. Each little town in the surroundings is also easy to reach by bike. Around Heide are more than 1.500 kilometres of bicycle-ways.

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